Key Features

  • Earn Interests with Crypto Deposits: Enhance your crypto assets by accruing interest, a simple way to grow your holdings passively.

  • Flexible Borrowing Against Collateral: Use a variety of assets, including RWA tokens and U.S. Treasuries, as collateral to borrow other cryptocurrencies like USDC, offering you flexibility and convenience.

  • Simple Long/Short Crypto Assets: Simplify your trading strategies with our straightforward long and short options.

  • RWA Lending and Borrowing: Engage in lending and borrowing activities with the added security and stability of real-world assets, including the innovative option to lend and borrow against U.S. Treasuries.

  • Seamless Astar zkEVM Integration: Benefit from the latest in blockchain technology for improved performance and reduced costs.

  • Efficiency Mode (eMode): Maximize your borrowing power with assets that are correlated in price, enabling high leverage strategies and efficient yield farming.

  • Isolation Mode: Safely experiment with new asset types. This mode restricts borrowing against these assets to certain stablecoins and limits the exposure of the entire system to them.

  • Siloed Borrowing: Borrow certain assets individually without mixing them with other assets, reduce risks associated with less liquid or more volatile assets.

  • Supply and Borrow Caps: Ensure a balanced and secure lending environment with caps on how much can be borrowed or supplied, reducing risks like insolvency or market manipulation.

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