What is Real-World Asset (RWA)? Real-World Assets (RWAs) are universally recognized tangible assets with inherent economic value, owned by individuals or corporations, and are pivotal in global financial transactions, investments, and other fiscal activities. RWAs represent a significant portion of the world's total financial value, with ownership that can be converted into value through sale or licensing. The groundbreaking integration of RWAs into blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) through tokenization allows these tangible assets to be digitally represented, bought, sold, or traded with enhanced liquidity, accessibility, and transparency, thereby revolutionizing asset management and ownership in the digital era.

What types of Real-World Assets (RWA) does C14 support? C14 currently offers the lending and borrowing of USDC against short-term U.S. Treasuries, assuring a minimum guaranteed APY of 4.7+%. In addition, C14 introduces the option to borrow USDC using RWA tokens as collateral, giving our users more flexibility and options. In the future, C14 hopes to expand support for all types of RWA assets.

How do I interact with C14 protocol?

To engage with the C14 protocol, just provide your chosen asset and its quantity. Once supplied, you'll start generating passive income tied to the borrowing demand in the market. Supplying assets also enables you to take out loans, using those same assets as collateral. Moreover, the interest you accrue from supplying can counterbalance the interest incurred from your borrowing.

What is the cost of interacting with C14 protocol?

Using the protocol involves making transactions and thus incurring transaction fees for Ethereum Blockchain usage. These fees vary based on the network's condition and the intricacy of the transaction.

Where are my supplied funds stored?

C14 is a friendly fork of the well-established Aave V3 protocol. Your assets are secured in a smart contract whose code is transparent, open-source, and has undergone formal verification and third-party audits. You have the flexibility to either withdraw your funds from the pool whenever you wish or opt for a tokenized version of your lending position, known as aTokens. These aTokens are as transferable and tradable as any crypto asset on Ethereum.

Is there any risk?

No platform is completely risk free. The C14 platform faces potential risks such as smart contract risk (the possibility of bugs in the protocol code) and liquidation risk (regarding the collateral liquidation process). To mitigate these risks as effectively as possible, every conceivable measure has been implemented. The protocol code is a friendly fork of the well-established Aave V3 protocol, which has been thoroughly audited.

What is your mission?

At C14, our mission is to provide the most intuitive, straightforward lending service in the Astar zkEVM ecosystem, focusing on Real-World Asset (RWA) lending and Aave v3 features. We’re dedicated to continuous innovation and enhancement, and we actively seek input from our community. C14 aims to be a platform for the user, by the user, and of the user.

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